Tuesday, December 30, 2008

An Essay No One Reads (Some of Japanese Bloggers)

When you’re doing netsurfing and you want to leave a one web page, there are two ways to quit the site. One is clicking a link embeded in the site. The other is pushing a ‘Back’ button on your browser. There is an interesting function on wordpress, which shows links that were clicked by the visitors on my blog. However, in my blog, the function just shows that people hardly click links on my blog. I guess that what this means is that people don’t read my posts. They just come here through search engines, but as soon as my page opened, they just think “Whoops, I made a mistake to come here, there is nothing worth of reading”, then in the next moment, they just click ‘back button’ on the browser. No records will be made as to clicks on my blog. If someone read through my post and felt interesting in some extent, I think he/she might click one of links on my blog. Nevertheless, almost all people never do that, because the reason they come here is not that they are interested in what I am writing, but is that very popular keywords brought them here through search engine.

I should admit that I always want someone to read my writings. But the reality is just like that. Then all of a sudden I’ve come to think that I would like to a post that nobaby would read. Let me just start.

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